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Let's face it, when you are preparing to sell a home you have a pretty hefty to-do list.

If we discussed purchasing new decor or furnishings during the consultation, I can help. 

I have over 15 years of sourcing experience and know where to get the best on-trend items to compliment your homes aesthetic and design.

And as a designer, I also have access to discounts which I will pass onto you!  

Rental items are available as well if you do not want to purchase new.


If you are doing some home improvement updates to add value to your home but not sure where to begin, we can help.  There are a lot of options available and can be overwhelming.  We can help you choose a look that is popular for resale and select all the components needed to bring it alive such as color scheme, materials, hardware, lighting, appliances, etc.


Need your home refreshed before the professional photos are taken?  In 1.5 hours I can quickly prep your home and get it photo ready!  

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