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Meet Addie

I have worked in the creative field since I was 16.  My first job was at Express in Eastland Mall!  CBUS folks, remember that?  Since then I have worked in all aspects of Visual Merchandising ranging from field to corporate and fashion to home.

As a child I was always designing my room and I distinctly remember my all black and white room I designed in high school.  What a sport my dad was!  He worked as my contractor and installed black and white checkerboard tile floor, painted all my bedroom furniture black and white and added a black and white checkerboard border to my white walls that were plastered with Bon Jovi and Corey Haim posters.  My mom acted as my design assistant and helped me select the decor.  We decided that the color pop would be red! Yep, this was definitely a 90's bedroom of a High School girl!  I promise my aesthetic has developed for the good over the years!

Nowadays when I am not staging or selling I am wrangling a toddler boy and three weiner dogs!  Thankfully I have a very helpful husband that keeps him entertained while I am working.  If I have any free time, I always find myself working on a creative project whether it is restoring old furniture or making jewelry! 

I specialize in both staging and design.  The difference?  Staging a home is preparing a home to sell.  Every home is different, therefore I let the home's style and architecture guide my design process.  

Whether I am using your  furnishings or items from my own inventory, I create a space that buyer's aspire to live, by insuring it will work for your day to day life while the home is on the market.

Interior Design is for people that are NOT selling but want some help styling their home.  I listen to your wants and needs and create a design that reflects who YOU are and ultimately meets your daily routine and lifestyle.

Whether you are moving or staying put, I look forward to helping you bring your vision to life!

- Addie Ashworth