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It is important to stage an empty home for many reasons.  Buyers are searching for a house that FEELS like home and that is hard to do when it is empty, sterile and cold. They need an emotional connection that will drive them to make an offer.


Many buyer's are unable to visualize the space without furniture.  Rooms look smaller without furniture and it leaves the buyer's wondering if their furniture will fit and how it will be arranged. Often times they are left wondering what a room is even used for.  

Home Staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of the home while de-emphasizing on the negative in order to showcase a home that will create an emotional connection with buyer's.

Whether you want to stage the entire house or just a couple of rooms, we can customize a package to meet your desired needs!

Case Study


This condo was listed for $194,900 and was on the market for 48 days. It was eventually cancelled. The seller hired a new Realtor® that believed in professional photography and staging. It was listed for $189,900, was on the market for 6 days and sold for $200,000!
The first set of photos below are the original listing photos. The second is after we staged!



Our Work