Image by Jan Kahánek
Occupied staging living room



By utilizing my detailed Home Staging Report, together we will walk your home room by room and look at the home through the "buyer's eye".

We will discuss how to make spaces appear larger, brighter and how to highlight focal areas.  I will provide recommendations on furniture layout, how to properly stylize decor and suggest on-trend accessories to purchase. We will also review all of the items that should be packed away now.  


A task list will be left with you to implement.  Should you need some support, I will happily return for a half day or full day of staging!


After the consultation I will return to tackle the the items on the Staging Consultation Report.  I will enhance your home and give it the appearance of a model home by repositioning furniture and merchandising your decor. 

 I will create a home that buyer's will aspire to live. Thoughtful and emotional touch points will be added throughout your home that buyer's can connect with.  We want the buyer's to picture themselves relaxing on the cozy couch, having morning coffee in the kitchen or getting ready for work in the spa-like bathroom. When needed, I will bring on-trend furnishings and decor that compliment the home's design aesthetic for a small rental fee.

My ultimate goal is for you to receive the highest offer possible on your home!




It is so important to stage an empty home for many reasons.  Buyer's are searching for a house that FEELS like home and that is hard to do when it is empty, sterile and cold.  They need that emotional connection that will drive them to make an offer.


Many buyer's are unable to visualize the space without furniture.  Rooms look smaller without furniture and it leaves the buyer's wondering if their furniture will fit and how it will be arranged.  Often times they are left wondering what a room is even used for.  

Home Staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of the home while de-emphasizing on the negative in order to showcase a home that will create an emotional connection with buyer's.

Whether you want to stage the entire house or just a couple of rooms, I can customize a package to meet your desired needs!